Updated: 2022 Wapakoneta Robotics Tournament / Unofficial FTC Qualifier


The 2022 Wapakoneta Robotics Unofficial FTC Tournament will be rescheduled to later in February. No competition February 5th.

We are looking forward to seeing what all the teams can do. All questions can be directed to Graham Fennell at fenngr@wapak.org

If this is your first time ever competing in an FTC tournament or a remote tournament for that matter, please reach out to Graham Fennell if you are feeling overwhelmed or confused. We want this to be a fun and exciting experience and not a nervous one.

Here are some helpful links to help watch the event. 
Live Stream link: https://youtu.be/X283gxBhOtw

Lastly if you want to watch the live scoring and ranking you can check out the following links too. 

The Orange Alliance: https://theorangealliance.org/events/2122-OH-OWQ/teams

FTC Events: https://ftc-events.firstinspires.org/2021/USOHWAQ

Stay tuned for additional weather updates


Holiday Ornament Sale 2021 Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who bought Christmas Ornaments from the Wapakoneta Robots Club this holiday season! Your generosity will help our team pay for transportation, equipment, and supplies for our club that will keep us running. Our team wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all that we have without the support from this sale and the community, thank you.

Outreach 2018/2019 Season

We were approached by the Space Museum to run a day of their engineering camp. On that day, we brought 30 kids over to the high school where we taught them about robotics. Such as, programming building and driving.

We also did a design challenge with them which was space themed. The Nazarene church in Wapak asked us to be a part of their easter celebration festival. Our team brainstormed and built 4 robotos to compete in a Hungry

Hungry Hippos style competition. Instead of balls, the robots collected easter eggs. The WASA robotics team has been reinvited this year and we are looking forward to going. Our yearly outreach to our community at the city

Moon Festival was rained out during the summer of 2018, we usually have a booth for kids to drive robotics and learn all about FIRST and what it has to offer. We bring 4 robotics that the kids have the ability to drive around.

We also bring our team robot from the previous years’ competition. Some of our members were able to go on a Honda trip and take a tour of the facilities and the factory to learn about job and internship opportunities.

We were able to sit down and talk to some Honda engineers about their experiences while working at Honda. We were also able to get a grant from Honda that would help fund our team. The team went down last spring to

help start the first lego league in the middle school. We went down for a week to help mentor and teach the middle schoolers about what FIRST lego league is so that we could start a team.

Our Team

About WASA Robotics

WASA, continuing onto its fifth year, has called Wapakoneta High School it’s home since the dawn of its creation in 2015 by Coach Mr. Graham Fennell, and Coach Mrs. Kathan Koeller, a year later. WASA has always used it’s hometown roots, the birthplace of the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, as a form of pursuit in everything we do, including our name itself, which is literally NASA with a W for Wapakoneta. As a team we like to combine our talents into a successful group that can be both triumphant, but also encouraging for our peers and in the Community around us. We have members from all different types of backgrounds, and grades, that when combined can truly create something amazing. Although we are only left with 3 members from the previous year, we hope that with the mentoring and teachings of the new members we can have an amazing year as a team, and as a family.


As a team, WASA tries to focus on what really matters to us. Helping others. Whether it be helping people through volunteering, or just the members on the team when they come to a roadblock, we always try to help each other. Through the years as a team, we find that that without strong communication through members, it is difficult to bond with each other. We find communication to also be very important in  a team setting, and truly after talking with each other more, we not only understand our differences better, but we also understand why we’re all here, which can only bring us closer together.

WASA: Wapak High School’s Robotics Team State Bound!

WASA team members participated at their first full competition of the season at the FIRST Tech Challenge Qualifying Tournament hosted by Van Wert High School’s USS Enterprise Team (FTC Team 5501).

WASA team members participated at their first full competition of the season at the FIRST Tech Challenge Qualifying Tournament hosted by Van Wert High School’s USS Enterprise Team (FTC Team 5501). The tournament took place January 27-28, 2017. Friday night WASA members checked in the robot and set up the practice field. Saturday the team assembled for judging and competition matches.

WASA’s strategy during game play was to fire pre-loaded particles into the vortex during autonomous mode and to collect particles with the rotating harvester attachment to then launch into the vortex during driver mode. The team also saw much success with seeking out and pressing the beacons for points during the driver control portion of the competition.

After an exciting day of bug fixing, reinforcing the robot and intense competitions WASA was chosen as the second team to join the winnest competitor’s alliance for semi-finals, 5501 USS Enterprise (Van Wert, OH). A nail biting final three games lead to our alliances winning the finals allowing WASA to join 5501 USS Enterprise (Winning Alliance – Alliance Captain, Van Wert Qualifier) and TBD (Team 6022, Winning Alliance – 1st Team, Van Wert Qualifier) for States in Cincinnati, OH – February 10-11th, 2017.

Awards at the FIRST Tech Challenge Qualifying Tournament Van Wert, OH:
Winning Alliance – 2nd Team Selected
Connect Award for STEM community outreach

More information on FTC awards can be downloaded at the link below:
2016-2017 FTC Award Descriptions

More information about 5501 USS Enterprise (Van Wert, OH) and the FIRST Tech Challenge Qualifying Tournament Van Wert, OH  can be found by following the links.